This past spring semester, the Snares to Wares Initiative was joined by undergraduate students from Michigan State University. These undergraduates were separated into teams to work on specific goals of the initiative.

Sustainability Team

Throughout the upcoming months, the Snares to Wares Sustainability Team has undertaken the research and implementation of solutions for project sustainability and growth. In this pursuit, group members have considered programming through which the Snares to Wares Initiative may reach new and broader audiences and clearly communicate complex concepts of conservation biology and human livelihood with an engaging methodology. This programming required the team to consider, in detail, approaches to outreach, engagement, message clarity, and integrity.

Activities falling under this team’s jurisdiction have included the following: donor interactions, event planning, youth group engagement, the discovery of new contracts, membership programs, new selling opportunities and more.

Value Chain

The Value Chain team focused on the process and activities by which value is added to the Snares to Wares initiative. The team has developed solutions for inbound and outbound logistics, the operations process, as well as the communication between the sales/marketing team and with buyers and stakeholders; all while keeping in mind Life Cycle Assessment issues.

Digital Solutions Team

The Digital Solutions Team focused on delivering an ethical, audience-focused, and sound digital strategy for the Snares to Wares initiative. This team has taken on deliverables such as establishing and implementing a plan (or strategy) for the Snares “brand” across a range of media (think Facebook, Twitter, website, LinkedIn, etc.). The digital strategy team circulated content across an ecosystem of digital footprints that will lead people to the Snares initiative, and to the artwork in particular. The team also considered how to best make the Snare art available for purchase online in a global marketplace.The primary concern of this team’s work has been determining how the stories of the content development team are harnessed and deployed in ways that speak to a broader population about the Snares to Wares initiative. The secondary concern has been finding new channels to sell the Snare art.

Content Development Team

The content team focused on developing tangible content for various platforms dedicated to promoting the Snares to Wares initiative. In addition, they created the visual and verbal aspects of the project and add value to the project by using storytelling techniques to appeal to stakeholders.